Back Pain Steals Hours of Comfort and Years of Life

85% of the population will suffer from some form of back pain in their lifetime.

Let’s look at the significance of the 2017 study published in the European Journal of Pain called “Is this back pain killing me? All-cause and cardiovascular-specific mortality in older Danish twins with spinal pain”.

Low back pain used to be considered just a nagging inconvenience. But according to this new study, the pain is a symptom of something much more threatening. The findings compared back pain sufferers to those without spinal pain. To the surprise of everyone, they found an astonishing 13 percent higher risk of dying early in those experiencing low back pain. This further promotes the need for healthcare practitioners to locate and eliminate the cause of low back pain so the patient can live a long, healthy, drug-free life with their friends and family.

Chiropractors Agree

This study points out that a causal relationship between low back pain and early death cannot be made. And Chiropractors would agree with this. It’s the neurological influence stemming from the cause of the low back pain that links the pain to increased risk of early death. Abnormal spinal misalignments interfere with nervous system function and can eventually cause pain. Chiropractors deal directly with the nervous system interference by addressing the vertebral subluxation, the known contributor to most back pain sufferers. It seems that the motto for most medical practitioners is, “When all else fails, try Chiropractic.” Unfortunately, it should be the exact opposite. Research published in Spine Journal (2005) showed that Chiropractic care was 5 times better than NSAIDs and 3x better than acupuncture in reducing spinal pain. Many back pain sufferers still believe that their back pain is only nagging and activity-disrupting pain. But based on this latest evidence, low back pain threatens both the length and quality of life.

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