Put Out the Fire or Let It Burn?

We’ve all been in the situation where we feel awful, and we have an awful fever that caps off the misery. The aches and chills are just begging for relief, and the answer is as easy as popping a pill, but is that the best approach to dealing with a fever?

No one likes the way a fever feels, but it serves a purpose. If you understand that the human body is intelligent and doesn’t do things by accident, then you can understand that the fever is not the sickness, it is a reaction to a stress that is moving the body away from balance. Typically we are talking about a bacteria or virus we call germs. When the body encounters these germs the immune system kicks into gear. We encounter germs all day long, but the immune system is able to deal with most of them without us ever being aware that anything is going on.

Innate Intelligence and Natural Response
However, sometimes these little buggers really get a hold of the body, and the immune system has to ramp things up a notch. One of the tools developed by our innate intelligence is the fever. There is a narrow window of temperatures where germs can survive and replicate, so the body cranks up the heat to kill them off. Certain white blood cells and enzymes also become more active in the warmer temperatures. So now you have a weakened bunch of germs and highly active immune system, why would you want to get in the way of that system by suppressing the fever?

I get it, fevers don’t feel good. However, by suppressing the fever you could be sacrificing your long term health for short term comfort. My suggestion is to curl up under a warm blanket, drink lots of water and monitor the fever to make sure it stays within the safe range and duration. Talk to a trusted health care provider that understands the benefits of fever, but also know when intervention may become necessary.

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