Spinal Health Prevents Disc Degeneration

Car alignment depends largely on the durability of tires combined with the structure and function of the axle. Unbalanced alignment promotes the breakdown of one side of the car due to an increase in asymmetrical load. The rate and progression of the breakdown of a car depends on the presence of proper alignment. Your spine is no different. Alignment is key as Structure dictates Function.

The rate and symmetry of wheel and tire breakdown of a car depends on alignment. This same phenomenon occurs with the human spine. Abnormal movement or alignment of a spinal vertebra leads to minor asymmetries in the spine that can increase rates of disc degeneration and arthritis. New research shows that small asymmetries in the spine and discs, much like that of subluxation, create disc problems that can lead to pain and disc disease.

Movement, strengthening, and conservative care continues to be the greatest form of treatment for spinal asymmetry problems. Because of the spine’s vast neurological influences on the entire body, as the chiropractic adjustment corrects spinal asymmetries, many symptoms and conditions seemingly unrelated to the spine improve.

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